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How much does email hosting cost [2024]

Average rates in Australia are between:

  • $50 - $150 per year

To get the skinny on what we charge, contact us here. Find out about:

  • How much does it cost to host an email account?

  • Do you have to pay for email hosting?

  • What do I need for email hosting?

  • Can I use Gmail as a mail server?

  • Can I use my own email domain with Office 365?

So you’re a tradesman and you’re looking to get a professional email address. No worries, this guide will help you find exactly what you need.

How much does it cost to host an email account?

The price for email hosting ranges from $50 - $150 per year.

Prices will range based on whats included in the deal. The main thing you need to look out for are how many users or email accounts are included and what the storage limit is. 

Email accounts

If you have a team of 3 people you’ll want to make sure 3 users are included, otherwise you may have to share the same password and that can cause additional issues.

Likewise, if you want individual email address for each team member, you’ll want to make sure your email hosting comes with at least 3 email accounts. Otherwise you’ll all have to share the same email.

Some providers charge per user while others include a certain number of users in their plan, so it’s best to be sure what they’re offering before you purchase.

Storage limits

Storage limits are how many emails you can fit in there before they cut you off. Storage limits range from 2GB, 5GB right up to 100GB. Which one is right for you really depends on how many emails you intend to be storing in your inbox.

Keep in mind the average email has a very small file size, about 75KB, so you may not need as much as you think. And you can always upgrade later.

Most email hosting providers will give you a web portal to access your email through the browser. You can also configure it to work with Outlook on PC, Mail on Mac, or even Gmail or Office 365.

Do you have to pay for email hosting?

If you want to present your trade business professionally, that means sending emails from a professional email address. Usually its your domain name, which is your business name.

Now you can continue to send emails from a free service such as gmail or hotmail, but it may seem unprofessional to potential customers. 

With the common perception of the dodgy tradie, it’s often worth the small investment to get a professional email address.

What do I need for email hosting?

You’ll need a registered domain name to send the emails from. If you don’t have one already, most email hosting providers also offer domain name registration so you can get both at the same time.

You’ll also need to set up your email accounts that will send and receive email. The account is the first part of the email address before the @ , such as … info @ your domain . com . Au

The usual accounts are info@, sales@, admin@, as well as team member specific accounts like yourname@.


Can I use Gmail as a mail server?

You can set up Gmail to send emails from your own custom domain, but it isn’t free.

It’s done through Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) which includes additional features like Google Drive, Docs/Sheets and Calender, etc.

Can I use my own email domain with Office 365?

Office 365 has various business subscription plans, some may include email hosting and some may not. 

It’s best to check with Office 365 and carefully read what’s included with each plan so you get the most up to date information.

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