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How much does a website cost per month? [2024]

Average rates in Australia are between:

  • $10 - $50 per month for hosting through a web hosting provider

  • $50 - $250 per month for hosting and maintenance through an agency

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Do you have to pay monthly for a website?

The most basic monthly cost involved with a website is hosting. Website hosting is required to keep your website online and visible. These costs vary depending on market rates and service levels.

Often you can purchase hosting as an annual or bi-annual plan and save money. This cost isn’t optional and is required for all websites.

Another monthly cost that may or may not be bundled with your hosting is your SSL certificate. This allows browsers to display your website with a “Secure” lock icon and assure visitors that the connection is secure. Without a SSL certificate, your website will display as “Not secure” or “Dangerous” and this should send alarm bells ringing.

You may also have to pay other monthly costs such as maintenance, reporting or advertising. It’s best to clarify the costs with your web designer to get an accurate idea.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

Typical maintenance costs are between $100 - $250 per month. The cost will depend on the scope of maintenance offered and other options included in the deal.

Most websites don’t require much in terms of monthly maintenance. For a website with larger than usual maintenance requirements, expect to pay $1,000 - $5,000 per month.

Maintenance is usually priced as a flat fee per month although in some cases you can also get hourly rates.

How much should you pay per month for a website?

You could pay next to nothing, but if you expect to get results out of your website you’ll need to put something in.

In most cases you are looking at paying $100 - $250 per month working with an agency. This would keep your website hosted, secure, updated and allow for a small amount of maintenance per month for any changes.

Without an agency looking after your website you will eventually run into issues and be left struggling on your own. The last thing a busy trade business owner needs to do is try to sort this kind of stuff out himself, losing a ton of valuable time in the process.

How much is monthly web hosting?

For just the website hosting, the average price is between $10 - $50 per month. Usually paying for a year or two in advance gets you the better deal.

The price usually depends on options including security measures such as SSL certificate, the quality of the hosting servers and customer service.

Web hosting should not be confused with domain name registration or email hosting. Both of these are seperate products.

It is possible to pay $0 per month if you make it yourself using a web builder (such as Wix or Squarespace) and if they have a free plan. However for most intents and purposes this won’t be considered a “proper” website and it will suffer SEO consequences without a professional domain name attached.

Web hosting charges per year

For just the website hosting, charges will range from $120 to $600 per year. However if you can get your website hosting at the bottom of the scale, you’ll probably need to pay for more than one year at a time to get that rate. So you could be looking at $600 for 5 years for a dirt cheap web hosting deal.

However, it’s critical you get good quality fast hosting and security included in your deal. For those tradies who consider the cheapest price the best deal, they may be sorry later. Their website might load so slow nobody actually visits it, it might be hacked and displaying ads for viagra or the company who hosted it might have vanished and they have no idea how to take it down. I’ve seen all three of those happen to tradesmen.

To get our best price on web hosting, contact us.

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