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This details our promise to our customers to deliver a high standard of quality and performance. Please read our Terms of Purchase and Disclaimer for further information regarding our commitment to our customers.



Standard Warranty. We warrant that upon handover, we will give you a fully working, properly configured and completely optimised website. We warrant that post-handover, your website, or any page, form or function will not break, cease working, default or stop usual and expected behaviour through any fault in the build.


Wix. We cannot warrant anything on behalf of Wix (the platform) and Wix make no warranties regarding their services, although we can testify to their secure, fast and powerful global hosting capabilities and self-updating functionality.


Third Parties. Nor can we warrant that any third party apps or code (if used) will continue to function as normal as this is entirely within the third parties control.

Null and Void. In addition, if the client makes changes to the website either in the Wix dashboard or the Wix editor, this warranty is null and void.

Contact Forms. We warrant that contact forms will be correctly routed to the client's email address.


Social Media. We warrant the client's social media will be correctly linked from the website. We also warrant a special image will be created for Social Media Sharing.


Desktop & Mobile. We warrant the website will have an appropriate layout for both desktop and mobile device viewing.

DNS. We warrant that the following will be set up inside the Wix dashboard:

  • Configure DNS Records for URL

  • Configure CNAME & MX Records for email

  • Design and configure custom Favicon


SEO. We warrant that comprehensive On Page SEO will be included in your website build, including:

  • H-Tags

  • Keyword and Location optimised Page Titles

  • Keyword, Location and CTR optimised Meta Descriptions

  • Images Compressed and Converted to PNG

  • Keyword ALT Text for Images and Video

  • Deferred Load for Video

  • Indexing With Google Search Console

  • Connection with your Google My Business profile

Wix SEO. Inside the Wix dashboard, we warrant your website will be taken through the Wix SEO checklist and conform to all suggestions and optimisations.

Our Obligation. We warrant if any of the above to be found missing or incomplete from the build, that we will rectify the issue immediately and without any cost involved.

Google My Business. If a Google My Business Profile or Google My Business Optimisation Pack is included in the build, we warrant we will complete the following items:

  • Creation of Profile

  • Request Verification Postcard

  • Service Areas

  • Hours

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Products / NA

  • Services
    - Primary category (eg: Electrician)
       - Service (eg: General repairs)
       - Service (eg: Installations)

  • Brief Description of Business

  • Add Photos
    - Logo
    - Cover Photo
    - additional

  • Invite Users (Transfer Ownership)


We guarantee the website will meet the following performance indicators, as tested by Third Parties, upon completion of the website build and handover:

  1. Speed Report: Grade A with healthy Web Vitals including a Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) of under 3 seconds. Page size under 3MB;

  2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test: Page is mobile friendly and easy to use on a mobile device;

  3. Google Search Console: Website will be indexed, read by Google and placed into its search results. A list of keywords will appear in the Performance > Top Queries where the website has begun to make impressions. 

These tests will be conducted and reported to the client in the weeks following completion.

Disclaimer. Should the client make certain custom requests with the website, in particular requiring a high volume of photos or third party apps or code, that cause enormous network payloads and/or an excessive DOM size, and/or a page size of over the recommended limit of 3MB, we may not guarantee the page speed (item number 1) and are released from our commitment to doing so.

This warranty and guarantee does not apply to Half Page websites or Template websites. Landing Page websites may not contain sufficient detail to allow Google to understand its keywords and place it in the search results. Our Multi Page website packages are ideal for results.

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