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How much does a web designer cost per hour? [2024]

Average rates in Australia are between:

  • $30 - $180 per hour to design and develop a website

To get the skinny on what we charge, contact us here. Find out about:

What do web designers charge per hour?

Web designers typically charge between $30 and $180 per hour to build a website. Designing meaning all the visual elements, development meaning making sure it all “works”.

In 2024 most web designers are also developers and the terms are interchangeable. Platforms like Wordpress and Wix make it much more efficient to build websites rather than going down the custom development route. This option costs a lot more.

As a tradesman, you won’t need custom code, so expect to pay between $30 and $180 an hour to get a standard website online.

How much should you pay for web design per hour?

You should pay an appropriate amount for the level of expertise you want to hire and your expectations for your website.

Trying to cut costs on web design is a bad idea because it means you get a substandard end product. Both in terms of customer service and the final website. The industry is full of horror stories and customers who say they “never use” their websites as a result.

If you don’t really value your website or the options and inclusions then you won’t want to spend much on it. In that case, you might be better off making it yourself or sticking to social media.

Whether you pay $50,000 or $500, if your website doesn’t generate results for you then you’ve been ripped off. The latter is the most common.

How is web design hourly rate calculated?

Many factors can determine how the hourly rate is calculated. Factors include:

  • The cost of production (think raw materials)

  • The skill level and experience of the web designer

  • Current market rates

  • Type of website

  • Scope of the project

  • Client industry and scale

  • Client projected ROI

Before engaging a web designer on an hourly rate, get an estimate of how many hours would be involved. It’s also a good idea to confirm what the rate includes and doesn’t include - so you don’t get any nasty surprises later on.

At Alan’s Tradies we make this easy for you. To get the skinny on what we charge, contact us here.

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