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- Grant Cardone

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3 Reasons You Have a Slow Website

If you know me you know I’m a straight shooter.

So trust me when I say your website has 3 seconds to capture someone's attention.

Much like a first impression in real life.

However, your website needs to load first before it can do that.

That should also take place within 3 seconds.

If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, people begin bouncing.

And no I’m not talking about bouncy castles, I’m talking about hitting the ( X ) on their browser tab containing your website!

Reason #1 - Large Images

Ok this is by far the number one reason websites load like a snail crawls.

I’ve seen images as big as 1MB, 4MB even 10MB.

What you want is under 100KB.

That’s right, KB not MB.

You can probably convert CM into MM or inches all day long but when it comes to image size you have no idea...

... and that’s why your website’s dying before someone can even see anything.

1 KB is equal to 0.001 MB.

So 10MB is a … truck load of KB.

Reason #2 - Javascript

I have no why sounds like a coffee blend but that’s what all the fancy stuff you see on websites is made with.

Images becoming other images, sentences flying out of nowhere, words appearing where you hover,

Fairy dust sprinkling out of your cursor, look idk why half that stuff even happens on websites but its out there and its made with javascript.

It might look cool to some but it’s lethal to your load speed.

My advice? Can the fancy shit.

Reason #3 - Server Issues

If you’ve hosted your website with a small company based in Botswana, Africa and wonder why the page takes forever to load here in Australia, the answer is obvious.

You must relocate your business to Botswana!

That or use local servers.

While this doesn’t happen as often as the previous two reasons, various server issues like location and quality can cause slow load.

Now that you know the 3 main causes of slow website speed,

You'll be able to avoid these problems and ensure your customers have a pleasant experience on your website, fast.

For those interested, I have a special article about how we build high performance websites.

It basically gives away my trade secrets, but I’ve got more up my sleeve, so who cares?

Alan Frye

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