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  • Writer's pictureAlan Frye

Squarespace Goes Down!!!

It's the beginning of the end for squarespace. I'm calling it now!

Thousands of users have been affected by the recent outages.

People can't log into their squarespace website, they can't make changes.

Web design agencies are having to explain to their clients why their websites have vanished.

Where's the 24/7 customer support now?


Was squarespace hacked? It's possible.

Look, it's possible for individual squarespace websites to be hacked.

Know the email, password crack it and roll.

But we're talking about squarespace themselves, getting hacked.

When their central servers get broken into, that's when EVERYONE's sites go down.

Happens to GoDaddy, happens to Netregistry.

But it doesn't happen on Wix.


Because since their early mishaps, Wix has been dedicated to high performance.

I don't know of a single case study where Wix's global servers have gone down.

Wordpress on the other hand is notorious for getting hacked.

Squarespace? Yup they're in the toilet.

Wix? All good.

Alan Frye


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