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- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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SEO Expert Tries Wix

They thought he was crazy. In fact, everyone told him NOT to use Wix, because it is horrible for SEO...

In defiance to the whole SEO community, he tried his experiment. And he was blown away by the results..

His name is Mark Preston, and he WAS a Wordpress user...

Mark moved his Wordpress website over to Wix as an experiment. He wanted to see how it would affect his website SEO. He was expecting a massive drop in SEO...

Instead, not only did Mark retain his #1 rank for 'SEO speaker'...

He also increased rankings on several keywords.

Not only that, his traffic TRIPLED due to the increased rankings, his conversion rate got a boost and his website loaded faster.

Now let me ask you a question.

If Mark Preston swears he'll never go back to Wordpress after Wix,

Why are you still using Wordpress?

Maybe because Wix has a bad reputation, and it's the underdog.

If you read Mark Preston's case study, you'll see.

Wix WAS pretty terrible at SEO at one point, but they used the feedback to improve their platform.

Another thing.

Wix isn't the only underdog, I am too.

I created Alan's Tradie Websites over a year ago with nothing to show for it and little to nothing to my name.

I grew the business from $0 to $240,000 per year with nothing except a mobile phone, a laptop and an internet connection.

My business has created 500+ leads for tradesmen by combining the Wix platform and my proven, 3 step formula for a high performance website.

So that these tradesmen don't have to rely on lead sharing, word of mouth, pay per lead or any of the traditional marketing approaches.

Instead, they can show up online with a professional modern website, a single call to action and have people come to them.

Now I want to push this business to $2.4M per year and I need your help.

Join all the other tradesmen and let's change the game together.

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