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"Find Out Why Over 110 MILLION Websites Use WIX..."

(And Why You Should Use It Too For Your Tradie Business To Grow!)

"Let Me Show You The High Performance Engine That Powers Alan's Tradie Websites..." 


Alan's Tradie Websites Makes It SIMPLE For Any Tradie To Get A High Performance Website In Just Weeks...Without The Headaches Of Poor Service!

A Bad Experience...

Untitled design (13).png

"They took my website... they won't answer my calls... WHY!!!"

'They' got you...


Was everything was great until you paid, and then it all fell apart?

Perhaps the freelancer you used did a runner?

Now you’re not even sure who has any of your logins?

Maybe you're stuck in a 12 month contract?

At the mercy of huge monthly fees for “maintenance”?

Or worse… your Wordpress website was hacked!

Now it has links to viagra and Spanish high heeled shoes?

Sadly, This Is Based On Real Tradies I've Talked Too

I've talked to over 10,000 tradies over the years.

Tradies who have been treated unfairly by dodgy foreign companies, unscrupulous local agencies and sloppy freelancers...

This Is Why DOZENS Of Tradies Are Currently Taking Power BACK FROM THE WEB DESIGN AGENCIES!

... And Using Alan's Tradie Websites For A Hassle Free Professional WIX Website!


EVERYTHING You Need To Show Off Your Business Online And Generate Leads Without The Poor Service!

You'll be amazed at the difference when you use Alan's Tradie Websites for your website.

Before Alan, you had to spend ENDLESS NIGHTS researching website design agencies, contacting countless novice sales teams and receiving hugely inflated "individual quotes"...


Unhelpful "generic" agencies...

Hidden prices...

Huge ongoing fees...

12 month lock in contracts...

And after you'd picked one and had your website built? 

You still had to deal with the lack of access (no user friendly backend to see stats and make changes) and hope that the website would pay for itself in the end...

As If Anybody Needed Any More UNCERTAINTY In Their Lives!

With Alan's Tradie Websites, you are helped by a tradie marketing expert (who values you!) and achieves you DOUBLE the average conversion rates.

And building your website on the award winning Wix platform means you are ALWAYS in control.

From: Alan Frye

Subject: Calling All Tradies!

Have You Ever Had Poor Service From A Web Design Agency?

Think about it for a sec.

Have you ever had a less than favourable experience?

Website cost a small fortune?

Customer service was terrible?

Website worked but when there was a problem, they would never return emails or calls?
And you couldn’t even access the damn thing?

In short...

Here's How Alan's Tradie Websites Is Different...

alans-wix-backend-pic (1).jpg

Let Me Show You How What We Do On Wix Provides You With A Superior Website!


Upfront Pricing And Options To Suit Every Tradie.

There Are 3 Main Reasons Tradies Typically Want A Website:


Wants One On A BUDGET




Wants The Best


If You Have A

Small BUDGET...

There are two ways you can get started with a super tight budget...

#1 - The Half Page Website. Like a high performance online business card. Only better.

#2 - The DIY Template. Different sizes available, simply fill in the photos and content.



If You Want

Something SIMPLE...

The Landing Page Website. You’re in business, you’ve got photos and reviews but you want to keep it simple and straightforward. You don’t want heaps of pages — a single landing page will do.

Everything the customer would want to see on the one page and it rolls down.


Get this if you want something SIMPLE!

If You Want


The Multi Page Website. You're a tradie who may or may not already have a website, but you’re certain you want high performance.

Better representation, better progress in Google and a higher conversion rate of better quality leads...


This is the Multi Page, using the tried and trusted 5 page combo for the best results! 


Get this if you want BEST PERFORMANCE!

ALL Of These Options Are Easy To Implement With Alan's Tradie Websites!

To Get Started With The Option You Want:

Pick the option that suits your business goals and click the button to go to the sales page.

Click Add To Cart and go through our secure checkout.

The order will be placed! Alan will request your logo, photos and business brief and then start making your website!

You can INSTANTLY open your account with us without having to ring up or email back and forth.

If you would prefer, call the office or fill out the contact form to organise a consultation with Alan, free of charge! In that call we will explain the options in further detail and demonstrate how our websites are high performance!


User Friendly Dashboard To Check The Performance Of Your Website!


You'll have complete access to your easy to use website backend.

Giving you full ownership and an array of options.

Not only to monitor performance, but also to leverage built-in business tools!

Full Control Over Your Website 

Dashboard Overview

From the dashboard you have quick access to all your important settings.

Site roles, site plan, mailbox and domain settings.


A click of a button takes you inside your website to make edits.


An overview of site analytics shows you the recent performance.

Never be held hostage again!


Contact List

Manage all your lead submissions in one convenient place.

When someone fills out your contact forms, you'll receive an email.

But their details will also be recorded on your contact list!

Export to CSV and connect to your favourite CMS software.

Never miss a lead again!


Inbox & Chat

Make communicating with leads even easier with a built in messaging app.

Reply to chat widget leads in realtime or use automated follow ups.

You can even send quotes and invoices through your Wix website.


Traffic Analysis

Check the performance of your website converting traffic to leads.


Learn where your website traffic is coming from and improve poor sources.

Always have clear information about your website performance.



Always have access to your website settings.

Easily manage your hosting plan, domain and mailbox from within the dashboard.

Roles & permissions allows you to invite other people to work on your site.


Alan's Tradie Websites Allows You To Leverage The Powerful Wix Dashboard... And Take The Power Into Your Own Hands!


Edit Your Website With An Award Winning Drag N Drop Editor...


You can quickly swap out photos, update info and change where your lead submissions are sent.

Alan's Tradie Websites ensures you aren't at the mercy of unresponsive web designers, charging you $100's just to make simple changes!

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