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Premium Web Design For Tradesmen and Contractors

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It Can Be Difficult To Know Where To Start. This Simple Step-By-Step Playbook Will Take Out All The Guess Work!



We're Not Your Typical Agency. We Not Only Deliver Results,
We Work WITH You To Make Sure The Growth Continues.



✔️     Increase Free Organic Traffic
✔️     Improve Your Brand Identity
✔️     Create New Lead Sources
✔️     Save Time & Reduce Stress
✔️     Improve Search Engine Eank
✔️     Establish More Credibility
✔️     Generate Sales From Social



Let Us Help Show You How Our Unique Process Can Be The Game-Changer You've Been Looking For.
No Pressure Or Commitment.

We Are The Tradie Website Experts

Helping tradesmen in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all across Australia, Alan's Tradie Websites is the premier solution for websites. Our guarantee to you is to be reliable, professional and to provide you with quality web design every time. With the highest levels of responsive design, professionalism and attentive customer service, we provide an unrivalled web design service and always at an affordable price.

For websites, no matter the client or business, you can trust Alan's Tradie Websites to professionally and quickly get you up and running online. From creating a brand new website to putting a fresh coat of paint on an old site to a comprehensive SEO content overhaul, we specialise in hassle-free web design and can assess and maintain the health of your website.


With over 15 years experience catering for tradies and business owner clients, we take the time to understand your specific needs. When you choose to work with us, you're choosing to work with a tradesman specialist that provides you with professional web design that ensure your digital presence has a modern and consistent professional appearance. 

Premium & Results Oriented Web Design Melbourne

Alan's Tradie Websites have been providing premium digital services for tradies and business owners for over a decade. Our results based approach doesn't just mean a high performance website. It also means peace of mind, a hassle-free process, ethical business and supporting local small business, all rolled into one.


With Alan's Tradie Websites providing prompt and efficient web design at surprisingly affordable prices there's no need to go anywhere else. Thanks to our well-equipped and experienced team, we get the job done with ease, as a result, our web design prices might be lower than you'd expect.

At Alan's Tradie Websites we know which signs to look for if your website is incomplete, faulty or underperforming, and we use our expert knowledge to provide you with a thorough and professional website. Our team of professionals can handle any website, graphic design or Search Engine Optimisation service needed, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done professionally and properly.


We ensure the quality of your digital property and can advise you on the right course of action for your individual situation. We are the experts when it comes to digital services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across Australia and we are ready to help you today.  

Conversion Rate Optimised Websites

At Alan's Tradie Websites your online results is our number one priority. The sales and growth of your business is of upmost importance to us. We think the desired outcome of your website, wether that is a phone call, a lead form, a product purchase or online booking, should be clearly defined in a strong call to action that is made easily visible and accessible to the website user.


Your website is your main and most important online platform and should only be designed by professional web design experts with the right tools, partnerships and skills that are required to optimise the conversion rate of visitors. After all, there is no chance at a second impression.

We have been providing our clients with first-class websites for over 15 years. Over the years we have built a solid reputation for quality and we remain committed to delivering responsive design websites whilst promoting a culture of performance excellence and customer satisfaction.


With our experience in the industry providing friendly and professional websites every time, our key focus is conversion through highly engaging websites designed by a highly skilled team. The sales and growth of our clients is of the utmost importance. Due to our experience, training and up-to-date methods we minimise the risk of a poorly performing website during every step of the process.

How Can A Website Be Unhealthy?

While it is reasonable to try and preserve a website for as long as possible, there does come a time when a web design upgrade might be necessary. Just like living things, websites can become sick and this could be the reason your website is underperforming.


When a website has errors, loads slow, suffers from poor SEO visibility or a high bounce rate, or has had its security compromised, it may need to be upgraded by qualified website experts. No matter what the reason is, Alan's Tradies in Melbourne provide a fast and efficient website service that will get the job done. Our team are ready to help and answer any questions you may have about your website.


Why not request a free no-obligation website inspection which includes a thorough inspection of your website? All our reports are done manually by a real person not computer generated and include sound and practical advice that you can implement immediately to raise your conversion rate. Our clients often have conversion rates of 5% - 10%. This is incredible considering the industry average for a tradesman is 1% - 2%. Contact us today for your free inspection and we'll show you how to beat the odds.

​Some of the many reasons a website may suffer from low performance are:

  • It is incomplete or missing information

  • It has dead links, missing pages or files

  • It is too short or brief to make an impression

  • It has low quality content, images or files

  • It makes heavy use of trust killing stock photos

  • It has an outdated SSL certificate

  • It has page layout that is unattractive or messy

  • It doesn't have an obvious Call to Action

If you're not getting the performance you expected with your digital marketing a problematic website could be part of the issue. Hit the link below and request an inspection and Alan will personally help you figure this out.

Website Design Best Practice

At Alan's Tradies Melbourne we are an official Wix Partner and leverage the powerful Wix Developer Tools to streamline our website development process. Wix is a world-class platform of cloud-based web development services powering over 150 million websites. They provide an easy to use interface to manage all of your online tools - website design, domain name, website hosting, email hosting, SSL certificate. Wix integrate industry recognised apps for online booking, email marketing, online payment and more.

To make our website design process as efficient and powerful as possible our specialist team are equipped and familiar with all the latest Wix apps and integrations to deliver first-class services every time. We have all the right tools such as the Wix API Application Programming Interface which is like our own AI robot to make the job quicker and easier and to ensure your website is built to its maximum potential.


With our experience of other web development platforms including Shopify, Wordpress and Squarespace, we are able to offer a reasoned approach to our choice of partnering with Wix to provide a prompt service, expert advice and a comprehensive website design service, all at a competitive price.

Landing Pages and Multi Page Websites

We understand that each tradesman has a different business situation and therefore different requirements online. Some tradesmen focus on sub-contracting, and only require a website for demonstration purposes and to have their information show up online. Some tradesmen do not want a full blown website and would rather a smaller appearance online. In these cases, a single landing page website is a quick and efficient way to impress visitors online.

Landing pages can also be an excellent way to capitalise on advertising - studies have shown that bringing paid traffic to a landing page vs a multiple page website increases conversion by up to 64%. Usually however, landing pages are used in conjunction with a standard website, as landing pages on their own have practically zero weight in Google.

In cases where the tradesman or contractor wants to show off a gallery of completed jobs, a detailed explanation of services provided or simply more information overall, a multiple page website is the best way to go. Not only does a multiple page website convey a greater impression on the website visitor, it also has a much higher conversion rate and ranks much more quickly in Google.

When results are top priority and the main website intention is to obtain leads, the tradesman will want more than the standard pages of Home, Services, Gallery, About and Contact. He'll want individual pages for each of his services, a Warranty and Guarantee page to boost confidence, a Testimonials page for his growing list of glowing reviews and many more. Here at Alan's Tradie Websites we have experience helping with all different requirements, and speaking to our friendly team will help you get clear on what kind of website will best suit you.

Search Engine Optimised Websites (SEO)

We are the preferred SEO specialists because we call it like it is and deny any secret sauce to ranking in Google. It is an algorithmic formula that some SEO managers understand how to use for your advantage and some do not. Even when you have the most difficult, highly competitive situation, give us a shout. If we cannot improve your page rank we will turn down the job rather than take your money and waste your time.


We handle any SEO job, from hundred page monster websites to single landing page work. Whether in a precarious position in a super competitive search or purely because of an immense requirement of content, website SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming task. At Alan's Tradies we use our software to uncover the metrics of success that the top players used to get to page 1, then we reverse engineer their methods to use the same steps in order to achieve the same results.  


When you have your website professionally built by Alan's Tradie Websites you can rest assured it is given proper SEO treatment as it is put together. We painstakingly make sure you have your keywords present in your H1, H2 and H3 headings, image ALT text and all page titles and meta descriptions. Unlike other industry players who tell you they include SEO but don't, we provide screenshot evidence of the work done.


We also index your website into Google Search Console, the final step in the process of entering the search results. In some cases Alan will even assist with creating or optimising your Google My Business profile so that you can show up in Google Maps. Get the royal treatment today and have your website built by Alan's Tradie Websites.

Why Is Website SEO So Important?

Alan's Tradies is ready to help with any tradesman SEO requirements. Shortage of customers, high advertising costs and the desire to scale the business can often result in the need for website SEO such as page one search results for your services and location. It brings a consistent flow of traffic to your business and provides better leads than the time wasters and bargain hunters available from lead-sharing websites or classifieds.


We offer SEO management services for websites big and small. If you require immediate SEO management due to a lack of visibility or previous mis-management of your website SEO, please contact us urgently. We have highly trained and experienced SEO professionals that know how to efficiently and safely rank your website with Google and other search engines, repairing and keeping any further damage to your website rank from occurring. We have a full suite of services and tools at our disposal that can be put to your advantage. Ask us about our highly sought after SEO Bodyguard and SEO Detective services.

Some reasons to consider SEO are:

  • It gives the first chance at urgent same-day jobs

  • It raises the credibility of your business

  • It brings free organic traffic of warm & hot leads

  • It makes paying for weak leads unnecessary

  • It provides more buyers & less tyre-kickers

  • It provides more reviews and repeat customers

Who And Where Do We Service?

Alan's Tradies specialise in providing cutting edge digital marketing solutions to tradesmen and contractors. Apart from home service businesses, our clients have included local small business owners, SaaS startups and e-commerce operations. Our experienced team are able to work well with any industry and we do take non-tradesmen clients onboard from time to time due to the high demand for our services.

We have offices in Fitzroy and Cremorne, both suburbs of Inner City Melbourne. We can provide quick and efficient digital services for all jobs big and small across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the rest of Australia. All work and files are transferred securely through the cloud and we communicate with our clients via phone call, SMS, email, Facebook Messenger and Zoom - as most of our clients cannot make it in person. We understand if you'd prefer to use "Joe Down The Road" or "Cheap Pete" but remember, you get what you pay for.


At Alan's Tradies, we think results rather than location or price should be your determining factor when choosing a digital marketing specialist. Your website is THE most important digital tool you have at your disposal, because all forms of marketing lead back to your website. This is where your marketing makes or breaks itself. If they don't convert into a lead, it isn't doing it's job properly. If you would like to work with a specialist who values quality, performance and ROI look no further than Alan's Tradie Websites.

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The offer is there to receive 30 minutes of consultation free with Melbourne's leading experts on digital marketing for tradesmen. The friendly team at Alan's Tradies Melbourne are highly knowledgeable for your peace of mind. There is no web design job too big or too small for this talented team of qualified professionals, led by Alan Frye, expert in highly converting tradesman websites.


If you're in need of tradie web design or tradie SEO and want the best solutions, we are the ones you need to contact now. If you are looking for an overall marketing strategy to dominate not compete online, contact us now. We pride ourselves on providing results focused, surprisingly affordable and premium quality web design and digital marketing. To connect with us and get your free 30 minute strategy session, contact us today.

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