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✔️     Save Time & Reduce Stress
✔️     Improve Search Engine Rank
✔️     Establish More Credibility
✔️     Generate Sales From Social



Let Us Help Show You How Our Unique Process Can Be The Game-Changer You've Been Looking For.
No Pressure Or Commitment.

We Are The SEO Management Experts

Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the rest of Australia, Alan's Tradie Websites is the premier solution for all your SEO management needs. Providing professional and fast reports and actionable blueprints, we are proud to help local tradesmen and contractors with all their website and SEO management needs. Our decades of proven expertise mean you can trust us to provide the right on page content and build the backlink profile of your website while preserving your online website integrity. Alan's Tradies specialise in new website, unknown website and low rank website SEO management helping tradesmen in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia.

We aim to keep your data safe and your website healthy. We know which signs to look for if your website is not ranking for the top page of the Google search results, and we use our expertise to provide you with quality, thorough SEO management. With more than 15 years experience, our SEO management experts can correct your tradie website underperformance and provide keyword content, quality backlinks and referring domains. We understand that when websites are given full attention and managed with care, their page rank is likely to grow quickly and in the best way while contributing value to the internet and only causing a problem for your SEO competitors.

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web pages crawled a day


known links indexed


known pages indexed

Powered by the best SEO data tools in the industry

What is SEO Management?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of increasing the search results visibility of a website through improving, trimming, maintaining and altering the growth of a website. SEO makes the difference between a website that never gets any organic traffic from search engines, and therefore no customers, and one that receives thousands of monthly visits and thus enjoys a healthy stream of organic customers. Professional SEO management services for your tradie website are essential if you're to maintain a serious online presence and keep your trade business healthy and performing at it's peak.


SEO management isn't just about making your website known to Google and showing up in the search for your business name. That is only the beginning of proper SEO management. The aim of proper SEO is to rank in the first page for as many keyword searches related to your business and services as possible in order to receive daily traffic. This involves building keyword content, backlinks and referring domains to raise the rank of a website, but it also involves constant supervision to keep pace with your competitors and to react to changes in the market. SEO is like a race and the websites in the lead on the first page won't always be the same; the ones who slow down will be quickly overtaken. If you're thinking of handling your SEO management yourself, you may want to reconsider. This process can prove to be a difficult and time-consuming endeavour without the proper experience and software.

Why Do Websites Need SEO Management?

Websites need SEO management for various reasons including bringing free organic warm traffic to the website and authority and credibility to your trade business and online presence.


Without even an initial investment in website SEO management a website will not show up on page one of the Google or other search engine results (for example DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing) for its services and location.


There are many advantages to using the tradie SEO services we provide, such as raising your page rank to the first page to which people usually limit their search, along with greater coverage to different keywords and locations to ensure your website receives the lions share of your market's online traffic and reducing dependency on other forms of costly advertising such as PPC, lead sharing sites, classifieds and print media.

Reasons to use SEO management include:

  • 91% of websites have no SEO, be in the top 9%

  • Organic search provides consistent results

  • SEO lets you nurture and convert leads at specific stages of the buying cycle

  • Your competitors are already stealing your business by doing it

  • Organic search results get 96% more clicks than paid ads

  • Optimises the performance of your website

  • Enhances the credibility of your trade business

The difference between $2M and $17M was 1st and 2nd place in Google...

Our SEO Management Process

Effective SEO management takes time as it takes longer to build URL rank (UR) correctly than simply to spam keywords and low quality links. These cheap methods are extremely dangerous now since Google has begun to notice and penalise the websites it finds using them. Our professionals work with the very best software to explore your website content, your domain rank, your URL rank and to carefully check for missing keyword content, errors or other undesirable elements. We check for broken links and suspicious links, as well as any other website safety concerns, which all affects page rank. Our SEO management experts will talk you through their findings, and help you with tangible advice and clear strategies to improve and maintain the health of your website SEO.

All our SEO management is done to cutting edge modern standards, which means we use the latest information on Google's ranking algorithms and quality control methods to ensure the website is getting the most mileage out of the improvements. We believe in quality above all else, which is why our quality control and planning processes for every job are rigorous and thorough. And our clean up after page and link building is second to none as we ensure your website is left clean and tidy after every job. Our trained staff are well versed in tried-and-tested methods and are able to solve any SEO management problem with ease.

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We Start With A 16-Step Audit On Your Website SEO

This is to identify and repair SEO issues, and is the first step in our SEO management services. 

To receive a Website SEO Report for a more general overview of your current SEO standing and SERP, contact us.

When we take over the SEO management of your digital asset the first thing we do is run a comprehensive SEO audit. This involves using our software to conduct a live crawl throughout your entire website to pick up any technical issues that could be negatively affecting your SEO. Your website will be given a Health Score that represents the proportion of URLs on your website that has critical issues. We can sort these by do-follow to give priority to recovering lost link equity. We then look at broken HTML tags and content we where can fix bad duplicates, un-set H1 tags and bad meta descriptions.  

Identify critical issues

Recover lost link equity

Fix broken content

The 25 Services Of SEO Management We Provide

1. 16-Step Website SEO Audit

We run a comprehensive audit with a live crawl throughout your website to identify critical issues, recover lost link equity (if any) and fix broken or missing content. The procedure normally takes a few hours.

2. Ranking Index & Tracking

We use a powerful reporting tool which can give us progress graphs that feature visibility, average position & traffic and SERP features, keyword metrics, filters and tags, landing pages, competitors, grossing keywords and location and accuracy.

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research isn't about one keyword. Websites can rank for 10, 100, even 1000s of keyword phrases. Keyword research allows us to identify the main high traffic keyword searches that with a high SERP position will provide your website with an accumulated amount of warm traffic month after month.


4. Traffic Research

Not all traffic is created equal. Not everyone that does a Google search clicks any of the links, and some searches have a very high abandon rate. We identify the searches with a higher ratio of clicked to not clicked links and we give these priority.


5. Return Rate (RR) & Grossing


The return rate shows how often the same person searches for a given keyword over a 30 day period. Grossing is looking at how much each keyword improved or declined over a 7 / 30 / 90 day period and we use this information in order to anticipate trends.

6. Content Optimisation

We improve the keyword content on your website including excellent coverage of keywords on page, url and proper use of HTML tags and meta descriptions.​ This is sometimes called citation or markup.

7. Content Gap Filling

We monitor for gaps in your keyword coverage that your competitors are exploiting for extra traffic. These are often overlooked keyword phrases that might not provide much traffic individually, but will help increase your overall website traffic. With attention to detail such as this we can help you close the gap with your competitors.

8. Internal Links

We manage the links that connect the pages of your website together. How these pages are linked together affect the flow of "authority" around the website. Best practice includes keeping content as close to the home page as possible and fixing "orphan" pages.

9. External Links

Both URL Rating (UR) and PageRank effective share authority between all outbound links. Best practices include no-following links to questionable pages and from sponsored (paid for) posts, and fixing broken external links.

10. Backlinks

Backlinks bring so-called "link juice" into the website, which is vital for healthy rank. However not all backlinks are created equal. Best practices include focusing on building links from high-UR pages, fixing broken pages that waste link juice and keeping links within an appropriate context.

11. Backlink Index Live & Historical

We have access to the best backlink database in the industry which is updated with fresh data every 15 minutes. In addition, as the backlink profile of any given website is subject to change, we have access to historical backlink data so we can see all the backlinks a website used to have vs the ones it has live at the moment.

12. Outreach

Outreach is the process of reaching out to external websites to try to gain the important backlinks. It is not as easy as simply asking for one though, there needs to be a proper context for the link and value offered for both websites, not just your own.

13. Google Analytics

We are happy to translate the jargon that lives within the Google Analytics tool. Beside vanity reporting, some purposeful ways to use Google Analytics include finding high-converting pages to improve their SEO, improving landing pages that contribute to conversions and finding unusual keyword opportunities by tracking internal site search.

14. Google Search Console

Besides the basic actions of setting it up, verifying your website and submitting a site map, we can also help you to use the search console for improving rankings for underperforming keywords, optimising pages with high keyword rankings but low CTR, fixing site map issues, learning which content types and topics get the most backlinks, finding pages that need more internal links or to be pruned and updating pages that are losing organic traffic.

15. Review of Top 5 Competitors

We do a brief report on the status of your top five competitors and a comparison in three different areas; ranking progress (visibility, average position, positions distribution), search traffic and SERP features.

16. Penalty Checks (SEO Bodyguard)

Google penalties are a website's worst nightmare. There is two types: a penalty and a filter. A penalty is a manual action taken by Google when the website was reviewed by an actual human Google employee. There should be a record of it left in the Google Search Console. A filter is part of the main algorithm that can cause the website to be algorithmically suppressed. Filters can act like anchors holding your site down. We work hard to detect and remove any immediately so they do not disrupt our SEO progress.

17. Duplicate Content (SEO Bodyguard)

Duplicate content is exact or near exact content that appears on the web in more that one place. This may harm your website SEO for a few reasons including the appearance of undesirable or unfriendly URLs in the search results, backlink dilution, slower web crawl and scraped or syndicated content outranking you. We identify and remove duplicate content.

18. Social Media Spam (SEO Bodyguard)

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn are ripe breeding grounds for impersonation and data theft. We keep an eye on your social channels, ensuring spam free profiles and avoiding impersonation.

19. Real Time Alerts (SEO Bodyguard)

We use software to monitor your keywords in real time and receive alerts if your search engine results page (SERP) position is decreasing or being threatened by competitors, so that we can take swift and effective action.

20. Negative SEO Protection (SEO Bodyguard)

Negative SEO is an attempt to damage your website SEO, the direct opposite of improving it through SEO management. Unfortunately there are some black hatters and websites desperate enough to use them that will try to attack your SEO. If you experience sudden drop in search traffic, receive a Google penalty or a drop in individual keyword rankings, you may have been the target of a negative SEO attack. The good news is we keep you safe from this by real time tracking to discover the attack while it is fresh and responding accordingly.

21. Newly Discovered Keywords (SEO Detective)

Did you know that 16-20% of daily Google searches have never been seen before? We use a keyword database that updates with newly-discovered search queries on a monthly basis. With our SEO Detective package you'll be the first to rank for newly discovered keywords and enjoy the lions share of the traffic months before your competition gets onto them - if they find them at all.

22. Complete Competitor SEO Analysis (SEO Detective)

By performing a complete competitor SEO analysis we can learn what works and what doesn't in your industry, find competitors' weaknesses and capitalise on them, find competitors strengths and replicate them, understand what SEO tasks to prioritise going forward and understand how difficult outperforming competitors in the SERPs is likely to be. 

23. Steal Competitors Links (SEO Detective)

We look at all the backlinks your top competitor enjoys, identify the reason they were given the backlink and then contact those websites asking for a link to your site based on the same premises. In some cases they agree to remove the link to the competitor. Sometimes there are broken links and when we provide a working alternative they switch the link and your competitor loses the original link.

24. Analyse Competitor Website (SEO Detective)

A highly successful competitor, especially rank 1-5 in the search results, must be doing something right in terms of his on-page SEO. That's because backlinks and keyword content can get you to the first page, but for positioning in the top results as in rank 1-5, Google looks at other things like user behaviour and dwell time on your website. We look to identify 10 elements on his website that, when compared with yours, may reveal your deficiencies and guide the path to overcoming them.

25. Blueprint For Beating The Competition (SEO Detective)

This blueprint is like having the steps that your top competitor used to climb the Google search results laid out in front of you, and all you have to do is follow them. We look at their growth since the beginning of their website years ago and study their progress as they evolved into the top result for your location or industry. For anyone serious about dominating their industry, this is a must.



Let Us Help Show You How Our Unique Process Can Be The Game-Changer You've Been Looking For.
No Pressure Or Commitment.

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