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- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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What Makes a Website High Performance

Here at my company we build high performance websites for tradesmen.

Performance online can be measured by several things and I’ll explore them in this article.

Page Speed

According to Maura Monaghan at, the average website loads in around 10 seconds for desktop and 27 seconds on mobile.

The recommended load speed is 3 seconds or less.

If you load in 3 seconds or less, you’re faster than 50% the web.

If you load in under 1.7 seconds, you’re in the top 25%.

And if you load in 0.8 seconds, you’re in the top 6%.

We guarantee a website load of 3 seconds or less for our clients as part of our performance warranty.

Often we can get our clients into the top 25%.

Why is speed important as a performance metric?

It helps slash bounce rates, boost conversion rates and improves search engine rankings.

Conversion Rate

The ratio of traffic that becomes job leads is called the conversion rate.

According to the average conversion rate across all industries is 1-2%.

Which is freakin low.

It means for every 100 people that visit or website, only 1 or 2 will leave their details.

But if they’re on my website aren’t they interested? Of course.

But they didn’t feel confident enough in you and your business to ask for a quote.

This is where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques come into play.

But where most CRO conversations become about CTA, colours and tweaking other small details, the overall intention is to create the value and trust necessary to obtaining someone’s business.

To put it another way, CRO for us is making it easier for our client’s site visitors to make a decision to contact them.

We regularly post content on how to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Instead of the average 1-2%, our clients are clocking in leads at 5%, 8% and even 10% conversion rates.

Mobile Devices

Over 60% of web traffic is on a mobile device.

This has grown rapidly and will continue to increase.

On mobile we want re-sized images, bigger text, bigger buttons and a CTA buttons that follow you down the page.

We also want the website to pass Google’s mobile friendly test, and we want the mobile load speed to be a lot faster than the average 27 seconds.


Another performance indicator is how well the website is understood by Google.

Here at my company all On-Page SEO is included and done for you.

We set important H Tags, give photos Alt Text and give the pages CTR optimised Titles and Meta descriptions.

We then index the website with Google Search Console and it begins picking up keywords and placing you in the search results (impressions).

We’re so confident in giving you a high performance website we back our words with a written Warranty and Guarantee.

Whomever you decide to use for your next website, if performance is important to you be sure to get something similar.

Want the full details on how we achieve double and triple the average conversion rates for our clients?

I'm giving away my tricks of the trade!

Alan Frye

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