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"Money follows attention."

- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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What is a review worth?

What's the deal with reviews? Doesn't everyone have reviews? Are they expected?

Truth is they're vital signals that your business is doing the right thing, and are worth a lot to both potential customers and your business itself.

Heck, you can even use your competitors reviews! I love reading my competition's reviews, because it shows me how my potential customers are thinking and talking.


There are different kinds of reviews.

Look, as a web designer I’ve spent a lot of time looking at reviews. One of the things I’ve noticed, is that reviews can be either a particular experience, something or some moment the customer liked, or an overall impression. Reviews can either be brief, confirming a recommendation, or lengthy, going into details about their experience.


Reviews are opportunities for your business.

Remember this is a huge opportunity for your business. Every review is an opportunity. Respond to every review and touch that customer.

You could even use it as a reason to call that customer. "Hi Marge it's Alan. I just saw the review you wrote and I'm so happy. Btw, would you like to schedule your next service and get the early bird discount?"


Reviews are feedback to help your business grow.

Positive are great, so are negative. Take it onboard, even if you think it doesn’t matter or it’s trivial or it didn’t even happen. No matter how much you want to dismiss it, that was their experience. Take it in and review your businesses procedures. Is there something you can change, to prevent something like this ever happening again?


Google reviews show up when it counts.

It shows up in Google Maps and searches. Trustpilot and the other review apps might seem cool but they won’t show up in Google where it matters. Help increase someone’s confidence to click your business by having all your reviews in your Google My Business listing.


If you skipped down here, here's the deal. Reviews are worth their weight in gold, just like each and every customer. Look after them!

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