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Templates vs Custom Websites

DIY templates are cheap and easily filled in with your content or built upon.

You can get templates for free from Wix but they aren’t that good.

I sell my own Wix templates based off real websites that I’ve built in the past for as little as $99, and occasionally I run promotions where I give them away for free.

Wix Templates

If you want to get something up quickly for cheap and don’t mind spending your own time setting it up...

And want it to look a little better than the ordinary Wix templates, one of my templates will work for you.

When you get one of my cool templates like the one above, simply load up the template and start editing.

Swap out the logo for your own, enter your mobile, overwrite the services with yours, etc.

Take you 5 minutes!

Sometimes web designers use a template to base their clients websites on.

This is common on platforms like Wordpress and Shopify, and the result is a lot of those websites have an almost identical layout.

A built from scratch website on Wix will look unique and be tailor made to suit your business goals.

Are you looking to bring in more of a certain kind of work?

Then we'll need to tailor the website to appeal to that audience.

Built From Scratch

We build from scratch on Wix.

The Wix platform also allows us as web designers to use more techniques that result in a more modern and professional website.

It comes with all the tools we need to create a powerful website for you right out of the box.

Without needing to rely on third party plugins.

Where templates get you a good starting point, the built from scratch website is the real deal.

Our websites come with a performance warranty and guarantee to ensure you receive a fully functional, impressive and beneficial tool of your business.


The other benefit of a custom made website over a template is the SEO work we provide.

Working with a professional has many benefits.

Obtaining the proper SEO groundwork means your website starts off in the right direction in Google.

And avoids having to re-do this step later on.

Steps like these ensure the website shows up properly in Google.

If you’re interested, I’ve put together a special article on our proven website system.

The same system that generates our clients above average conversion rates.

Which means super high performance - Check it out here.

Alan Frye

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