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"Money follows attention."

- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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How You Already Tapped Out In 2022

This might be tough to read but the truth is you've already tapped out of 2022 by having an average mindset. You see here in Australia we have a pandemic of average. Our society encourages us to live underachieving lives and compare ourselves to our failing neighbours. But I believe we all have greatness within us. We watch movies about superheros and wish we could live super lives. You had dreams as a child that were squashed by parents, teachers, friends, family and peers. You are now satisfied with cruising along and seek to avoid challenges. Meanwhile, you have a duty to yourself, your business and your family to be super successful and provide them with the abundance only a super life can bring.

The Average Make Excuses

Average people decide to make excuses instead of facing and overcoming challenges. How often have you heard someone say "Oh you don't want to get too big. It's a nightmare. I'm happier where I'm at, cruising along." They say they don't have time. Yet they spend 16% of their life in front of the TV! I decided time is a myth, I'll make the time I want. Excuses are great, they may even be legit, but they will not improve the condition of your life.

Average Isn't Safe, Average Is Dangerous

Average people use failing people to compare themselves to. This is how they make sense of being average. The most dangerous level of action you can take is average. It isn't enough to make you super successful, but it's enough to get by, and give you some illusion of success. Survive means to super live. How can you super live if you're playing average? You are never safe. The safest you can be is taking risk.

Demand More From Yourself

To begin separating yourself from average, you must abandon conventional thinking. Ideas like “play it safe”, “slow down”, “you're burning at both ends man, you’re gonna burn out”… I'm an energy source, not a candle! How do I know you’re average? Because the average person is… average. Go ahead and hit the unsubscribe button if that's what you identify as. I’m purging my email list of average! You should be always hungry, never satisfied, pushing for the next level, the next play. Those are my people. Stay hungry, Alan Frye

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