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"Money follows attention."

- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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How To Get More Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for showing potential customers what it's like working with you. But how do you get them? Do you ask your customers if they'd leave you one? Do you even send them a link? Or do you hope they work it out on their own. Do you leave them on their own, and forget all about them when the job is done?

Dont Ask, Tell

First of all, this should go without saying but you must do an excellent job servicing your customer. Then you must have the courage to ask your customer if they are happy with the result, enjoyed working with you and if there's any problems or anything they need fixed. Most people wont ask if there is any problems because they run screaming at the thought of inviting trouble. However a professional initiates this dialogue and then handles any issues or takes feedback for future improvements to his service. Then tell them to leave you a 5 star review.

Make It Easy For Them

You can get a link to review your business in your Google My Business backend page. Send this link to your customers by both SMS and email. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to leave you that bubbly 5 star review. There are review apps like Trustpilot and the like. These can automate the process but the downside is they aren't free and they capture the reviews on their platform. As a tradie you want your reviews on Google, where everyone can see them.

Follow Up

Not everyone is going to leave you a review, even when they said they would. Things come up, people get busy, they forget about it. Some people forget to eat and you're stressing about them forgetting to review you! All good, just follow up. It could be an email, a SMS or even a phone call about something else related, and then you mention the review at the end. Now go get some reviews! Alan Frye

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