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"Money follows attention."

- Grant Cardone

Advice on websites, marketing, social media and mindset for the success oriented tradesman in the digital age.

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Be Savage Or Average

As my mentor Grant Cardone says, Go Massive or Be Passive. I'm saying Be Savage or Average.

I have no idea what your life involves, what excuses you've got to hold yourself back, maybe some of them are legit.

But excuses will not unlock your true potential.

And I for one am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of being average. Of being mediocre!

I believe it's not about the hand life deals us, it's about how we play our cards.

In the end, we all wind up bones and dust anyway. Why not take a moonshot at achieving greatness?

Grant has given me these bullet points to help me stay motivated and I want you to have this too.

Work to your potential not to your quota

Why do people who have already made it keep pushing? What is a quota, if not just a self imposed limitation? Only you know what you’re capable of. Quotas are just numbers. Quotas allow slacking off.

Shoot for extraordinary

Why settle for second best? Aim for the stars and you might hit the moon. And you’ll probably cause a lightshow over the earth that captivates everyone’s attention while you’re at it!

If you’re not excited about your goals it’s probably because they are too ordinary. Ordinary doesn’t jack anyone up.

Go the extra mile even after you have satisfied basic requirements

Do this for yourself. Don’t stop at 20 pushups, do another 5. Your body is telling you to stop, your mind is telling you to stop, what is it that drives you to refuse and continue? What prevents someone from tapping even though they’re in a choke hold and they are running out of air?

Determination and discipline. We must not just use this in the gym or on the mat, but also in business and life.

Do what others refuse to do

There’s an old adage. “Do the things you love and you will be successful.” BS! You’ve gotta do the things you hate - things nobody wants to do. Be willing to get your hands dirty, have everyone around you say “That guy will do anything!” and you will be motivated and inspired while others will be intimidated.

Hope you found these as helpful as I did and I'll give you some more points later.

Alan Frye

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