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Alan's Tradies is a marketing agency based in Melbourne and run by Alan Frye.


I refer to myself as a marketing upstart, because I don’t have any degrees, barely finished high school and by all conventional means I’m not “qualified” to be doing this.


I learnt my trade just like any good tradesman does… in the trenches, on the tools.


I made the first website for a friend and he started getting more calls. I made a second and a third, they got similar results and then I started thinking, “I might be onto something here”…


Now I don’t claim to be an “expert” or a “guru”,


But over the years I drilled down my technique into a 5 step system for building a proper website, and I’ve put it to the test in 17 different trades so far.


And as my long list of successes will show you, it’s always a home run.


My mission is to continue the growth of this agency that puts the customer first, and relies on their successes as our successes. 


And that customer will always be the humble tradesman.

alan with australiannativefoodco.jpg


I focus on the trades for a number of reasons… 


One, the trades are full of good people.


Decent, hard working, honest, salt of the earth people.


People who take pride in their work.


People who have a rich history…


Craftsmen and apprentices… this system goes back to ancient times, and I want to help preserve these wholesome traditions. 


Two, the trades are an important part of modern society.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without lights at the flick of a switch and hot water at the turn of a tap.


We have the electrician and the plumber to thank for that.


And finally, I can really help tradesmen.


When you learn your trade, you don’t get taught marketing.


Yet without good marketing you won’t ever be able to take your trade business to it’s full potential.


If you do a good job and you really care about helping your customers…


Then the way I see it, it’s your duty to grow as big as possible so you can help as many people as you possibly can.


So I’m fortunate to be able to help good people do a good service and really help people who need those services…


and that’s why I help tradesmen.


And if you’re a tradesmen, and you need my help, get in touch with me as soon as you can and let’s figure something out.

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